Want to Keep your Towels Soft?

Want to Keep your Towels Soft?

Jun 20 , 2020

SaaSohInc Admin

When you buy new towels, they are soft and fluffy, but after some time they are not so soft and fluffy. Have you ever wondered why? Well, the answer is easy. Towels are meant to absorb water, and if they are not hung up to dry afterward, they will stay wet and might stink. Along with that the irregular or incorrect cleaning methods can turn your towel rough and scratchy. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you transform your old towels back to soft and fluffy:

Do not use liquid fabric softener

If you are using fabric softener to make your towels soft, stop using them. Fabric softener contains chemical substances and covers the fibers of the towel and prevent it from getting completely cleaned. Instead of fabric softener, you can use white vinegar or baking soda to freshen up and soften your towels. It would be better not to vinegar and baking soda at once as they might react negatively. Instead, you can use SaaSoh Detergent, an excellent choice for your towels and clothes as it has been formulated with eco-friendly ingredients, which are natural and biodegradable in nature.

Reduce the usage of washing detergent

It would be better to bring down the amount of detergent you use to wash the towels. It can turn your towels into the stiff and itchy fabric. Many detergent makers use hard chemical substances in their detergents to make sure that clothes get cleaned even in the hard water. However, this can make your towels stiffer and reduce its water absorbing ability. So to avoid this, reduce the amount of detergent you regularly use to wash your towels. It will also help you save money. SaaSoh Detergent will give an excellent wash to your towels as it has been made with biodegradable, unharmful, and natural ingredients and is good for the environment.

Use hot water

If you have the temperature adjustment feature in your washing machine, then wash your towels in hot water and then rinse them in the cold water. Hot water will loosen and relax the fibers of your towel and remove dirt and grime from it. So cold water will once again bring the fibers back into the contracted state. However, they will be less stiff and scratchy.

Use balls in the dryer

When using the dryer to dry your stiff towels, you can soften them up putting a ball or two in the dryer with the towels. Make sure that balls are safe to use in dryers. You can buy dryer-safe balls from online marketplaces, or you can also use tennis balls.

Buy new towels

If you have tried everything and your towels are still showing no signs of turning soft and fluffy. Instead, they have begun to wear and tear, maybe it is time to get new towels and SaaSoh, as one of the best towel makers, is the finest place to get the top-quality towels for all purposes. They also deliver best laundry care products that will help you keep your towels soft and fluffy for a very long time.

Towels are something no one should ever compromise with. They are meant to keep you nice and dry plus in return, it is your duty to keep them soft and fleecy. So try these tricks and see your old scratchy towels turn soft and fluffy just like new ones.