About Us

In a world where sleeplessness pervades, we are committed to crafting relevant sleep and bathing experiences for you through our line of luxury linens at an affordable price.

Luxury Sateen Fabric

Our Story

SaaSoh was founded in the mid-1960s as a manufacturer and supplier of hospitality textiles. Since our inception, we have embraced the best technologies and processes to create luxury fabrics and bring you modern designs and carefully tailored linens which stand the test of time.

With years of experience behind us, we are now venturing into the retail industry to bring plush linens and luxury fabrics to the home. Our team of experts travels all over the world in search of the best textiles for our customers.

In our journey, we have created lasting relationships with our clients by providing them with superior quality products. Now, we aim to share our experiences with European mills which can then produce breathable and comfortable bed linens and highly absorbent towels.

We source high-quality fabrics and fibers from around the globe

SaaSoh believes in the philosophy of investing in its people and its products. That is why we look for the best materials and the highest quality fibers which will provide your linens with the softest, most luxurious feel.

We emphasize attention to detail

After all, details are what make a difference. From correctly sewed hemlines to the most carefully weaved bedsheets, we know exactly how to transform things of essential comfort into items of pure luxury.

We use our past experiences to light our way to the future

Through our many years of conducting business in the industry, SaaSoh has accumulated a wealth of knowledge regarding various manufacturing processes, different technologies used in the textile industry, and which types of fabrics are the most comfortable. By tapping into all of our past experiences, we can source the right materials and bring you the best bed and bath linens.

We believe in responsible manufacturing processes

The environment around us is the source for most of the fibers and fabrics we use. That is why we love it back by encouraging responsible manufacturing processes in the mills that manufacture our products. We want to make a difference, not just by giving you the luxury of exceptional linens, but by also being responsible towards the planet we call home.

Affordable Luxury

Good luxury linens of high-quality cotton are hard to find. What you can see is terribly expensive and often very exasperating. SaaSoh was built to deliver pure, beautiful home essentials linens at affordable prices bypassing distributors, expensive brand licenses and retailers. Eliminating all these expenses, SaaSoh saves and pass the savings on to you.

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