Signature Detergent No.102 16 fl oz


Title :
We know how much you wish to see your daily whites gleaming brightly in their natural color even after several uses. With regular use, most fabrics tend to lose their color. Whites usually turn yellow and colored clothes end up fading. To a certain extent, this can't be controlled, but your detergent is having a huge impact, and this is one thing that is in your control. SaaSoh’s white color detergent with scent uses natural ingredients and enzymes which are tough on stains but soft on the fabric. We do not use bleach in our products and choose surfactants that are gentle for clothes. That's how we can help you keep your whites beautifully bright and make them look new. You can also use this detergent on your colored clothes for the gentle removal of stains. The lasting fragrance of the detergent will stay on your clothes for a long time after the wash. The fragrance is light and comforting which means you cuddle onto the sheets without feeling too heady. Made in The USA.

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