Fabric Conditioner No.103 8 fl oz


Title :
While detergents are useful for removing stains and for helping your clothes look fresh. Fabric conditioners help clothes retain their beauty by keeping the fibers soft and by maintaining their fluffiness. SaaSoh’s fabric conditioner is very useful for reducing wrinkles from the clothes and helps the clothes enjoy a longer life. They can noticeably minimize drying time and make ironing a lot easier too. It is also great for removing static clings from the clothes. Our conditioner has been crafted with non-toxic chemicals that are gentle on the clothes and are free of damaging compounds that can harm the fabric. The fabric conditioner removes stiffness from clothes and smoothens the fibers helping you enjoy a gentle touch of your clothes and linen to your skin. With less friction in the fibers, your clothes last longer. It also makes fibers maintain an open structure which makes your fabric more breathable. With better breathability, you end up feeling more comfortable in your clothes. This way, the SaaSoh fabric conditioner helps your fabrics last longer and helps you enjoy softer clothes. Made in The USA

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