Fabric Freshener No.105 8 fl oz


Title :
We always want to open our closets and luggage and breathe in the smell of fresh, odorless laundry. But that doesn’t happen all the time. Does it? Shoe closets and vintage linen often end up with distinctive odors that can sometimes get annoying. That's why we have created the fabric freshener spray which includes a combination of essential oils which keep your wardrobe, shoes, and luggage smelling fresh all the time. You can even use the spray for your car interiors. This fabric freshener spray uses natural ingredients which are non-toxic and allergen-free. In fact, the spray is anti-bacterial helping your clothes stay fresh and free of unwanted allergens. Spritz it inside your shoe closet or spray your wardrobe and drawers with this scented spray. We have used our knowledge and experience in fabrics and in formulating the fabric freshener spray. We understand how sprays can also affect and sometimes even damage clothing. This is why our spray is crafted from ingredients that do not harm the fibers. Once you begin using the fabric freshener spray you will always find an exquisite fragrance emanating from your wardrobes, clothes, and drawers giving you the feeling of fresh clothes all the time. Made in The USA

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