Signature Detergent No.101 16 fl oz


Title :
Your whites deserve special care. They are prone to yellowing and may end up looking dingy in just a couple of washes if you don’t pay extra attention to how you wash them, the detergent plays a prominent role. And this is where SaaSoh’s white color detergent steps in and takes away most of your stress about keeping your whites bright and beautiful. This detergent comes without scent for those who prefer their laundry to smell fresh but want to avoid the use of specifically added fragrances in their detergents. Our detergents have been crafted using the latest technologies and processes and with our knowledge of fabrics and how they react with various surfactants and bleaches. Keeping the adverse effects of bleach in mind, we have used natural bleach alternatives that can save your whites looking just the way they should be without damaging the fibers of the fabric. The surfactants and enzymes used in the detergent are also very gentle on the fabrics. They remove stains thoroughly without deteriorating the quality of the clothes or the linen. Thus helps your clothes stay fresh and bright even after several washes. 

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