Tips To Select Finest Luxury Towels

Tips To Select Finest Luxury Towels

Jun 19 , 2020

SaaSohInc Admin

Using a soft luxury towel to wrap around your body after a hot shower or leisure soaking is most heavenly feeling in the world. So if you get a chance to choose from the coziest collection of luxury towels offered by SaaSoh, it would be the best decision you would make. There are many different types of luxury towels available and finding the most luxurious one with the best quality can be difficult at times. Here are a few tips on what to look for when choosing a luxury towel to suit your needs and preferences:


Go for 100% Cotton

There are many varieties of towels out there that can be very useful in different conditions. However, cotton is perhaps the best amongst them. They are very excellent water absorbent and feel fantastic rubbing against your body. Buying 100% cotton towels will be a very luxurious choice, and you will have a great time drying your body with it.


Choose finest Egyptian Cotton

For many centuries, Egyptian cotton has been regarded as the best cotton in the world and towels made with this material are going to make an excellent choice. Towels made with Egyptian Cotton are better, softer, finer and more durable than any other cotton. They assure the purity of towel quality and is an excellent water absorber.


Pick soft pre-washed cotton towel

Pre-washed towels are perhaps an excellent choice as they won’t contract when you wash them after usage. Cotton tends to shrink after washing, but pre-washed cotton towels will make sure that your towels don’t change shape and size after washing and remain soft and fluffy as they were before you started using them.


Turkish towels

Turkish towels are made from the superior quality natural Turkish cotton which is produced in the Eastern Black Sea and Aegean regions of Turkey. Turkey towels are considered one of the oldest towels used in humankind history. They are made with exclusively extra-long cotton fibers from Turkey, very similar to Egyptian cotton. It means that the towel will have fewer joins and will last a lot longer and stay softer than normal cotton towels. They are excellent water absorber and are a fantastic choice.

Some care tips for your luxury towels

Avoid washing luxury towels with other clothes. Wash them separately and keep them away from zips and buttons when washing.
It would be better not to use fabric softeners and conditioners to soften the towel material as it will reduce the absorbent quality of the towel and will make it difficult to clean them. Use mild washing detergents without bleach and other added chemical substances to avoid deterioration and maintain the quality of your towels. 

At SaaSoh, you can also find the best washing detergents for your towels to keep them soft and fluffy for a very long time.