5 Ways You're Ruining Your Towels Without Realizing It

Are you hanging up your towels after every use and giving them a good wash at the end of the week? Well, stop it! As well-intentioned as your bath linen routine might be, you could be sabotaging your towel's inalienable rights to life, longevity, and fluffiness. Here are five ways you're ruining your towels without realizing it...

You're Not Careful About the Products They Come in Contact With

You don't use bleach in the laundry, but you're still seeing white specks all over your colored towels? According to Ellen Warren, lifestyle columnist at the Chicago Tribune, the culprit could be an acne-preventing face wash or even your whitening toothpaste.

You're Hanging Them Two on a Hook

Doubling up on wet towels gives mildew, mold, and bacteria a good spot to settle in and sour your linens. Hang them up on separate hooks or, even better, on their own towel bars.

You Don't Wash Them Frequently Enough

Pop quiz: How often should you wash a towel that's being used to dry off after a daily shower? Every three days, according to Good Housekeeping's Meaghan Murphy. If you're into a once-a-week wash routine, try to wash more frequently to ensure a long life for your linens.

You're Using Too Much Laundry Detergent

Too much detergent will leave a residue and contribute to making your towels scratchy and rough over time–two things a fluffy towel definitely shouldn't be.

You're Using Too Much Fabric Softener

Too much fabric softener will inhibit a towel's absorbency and potentially leave a waxy buildup. Go light on the softener, or skip it altogether.