Fabric Care

Proper care is the key to enhancing longevity and protecting the luxurious look and feel of your SaaSoh products. Whether you get it laundered professionally or you launder your fabrics at home, these fabric-care tips can help you ensure that your SaaSoh bed and bath products enjoy a longer life.

Always wash all bed and bath linen separately from your clothes because hooks, zippers, and other clasps or embellishments may snag the material and mar the beauty and luxury of such fabrics.

Use mild detergents crafted by SaaSoh specifically for our products to ensure a longer life. If you prefer bleaching your bed and bath linen, then use our bleach, which retains the softness and plushness of the materials.

Use our fabric softener for ensuring that your fabrics stay soft and luxurious for a longer time.

Bed Linen

  • Wash same colored bed linen in cold water using the gentle cycle on your machine.
  • Wash white bed linen separately from colors in warm water.
  • Tumble dry all bed linen on low heat.
  • Don’t want your sheets to wrinkle too much? Remove promptly from the machine once the cycle is complete. You may even consider removing the sheets a few minutes before the cycle ends to avoid excessive wrinkling. Drying naturally preserves the quality of the fibers and gives your sheets a less wrinkly look.
  • Since natural fibers tend to shrink, our cuts include a generous allowance of 3-5 inches for the linen to perfectly fit your bed and pillows even after shrinkage.
  • Avoid over-drying your bed linen at all times.
  • If you like crisp sheets, then you can iron the bed linen while it is still damp, or you can use a steam iron on the warm setting and iron on the opposite side.

Bath Linen

  • Machine-wash all bath linen using cold water and mild detergent.
  • Always wash same colors together to avoid discoloration of your bath linen.
  • Tumble-dry your bath linen on a low-heat cycle.
  • Avoid unwanted wrinkling of the bath linen by removing the items from the machine quickly.
  • If you notice any loops snagged on the machine, avoid pulling the loop. Use a pair of scissors to cut them free.
  • Personal care and beauty products tend to leave a mark on the towels which cannot be easily removed. These may leave unsightly spots on the towels.
  • Since most of our products use natural fibers, it is important to avoid getting too close to open flame because none of our bath linen is coated in flame retardants.
  • You may spot clean shower curtains with a mild detergent. They can also be washed in the machine using a warm cycle and a mild detergent.

Blankets and Quilts

  • Machine wash all blankets and quilts in cold water. Use the gentle cycle to ensure that blankets and quilts do not lose their softness.
  • Tumble dry your quilts and blankets over medium heat, and use low heat for tumble drying to increase the softness of the fibers.

Down Comforters and Pillows

  • Spot clean your down bedding using a mild detergent. You can wash your pillows and comforters in the machine in a cold cycle using a gentle detergent.
  • Place your down bedding in direct sunlight to get rid of odors and to freshen up the fabric.
  • It is best to use the services of a professional launderer for cleaning your down bedding.
  • Avoid dry cleaning it because chemicals used by dry cleaners can reduce the quality of the fabrics.

Increase the life of your down bedding by using a duvet cover and pillow protector. You can also put down products in a front-loading dryer, and run the air cycle on low. This helps in fluffing up the products and removing dampness or moisture from it. You must get a professional to launder it occasionally to ensure that the bedding enjoys a longer life.

Baby Bed and Bath Linen

  • Machine-wash all toddler bed and bath linen using cool water and the delicate cycle.
  • Remove the linen from the machine quickly after the cycle is complete to avoid too much wrinkling.
  • You can iron using the warm setting when the linen is slightly damp, or use a steam iron for crisp bed linen for your baby’s crib.
  • Use a mild detergent that is safe for the baby and avoid excessive detergent because it can damage the fabric and cause irritation to the baby.


Store all bed and bath linen in cotton bags where the fabric can breathe comfortably. Avoid plastic sheets and plastic boxes where the material tends to discolor.

Always store washed and clean linen and make sure that it is completely dry before it is stored. Make sure that your bed and bath linen is stored in a dry place devoid of dampness because natural fibers can lose their fluffiness and quality because of moisture.


It is important to regularly change your bed and bath linen to ensure that you can enjoy a luxurious feeling every time you slip into your bed or wrap yourself in a towel or a bathrobe.

Change the bed linen twice a week and bath linen once a week. Pillowcases can be rotated weekly. By changing your bed and bath linen regularly, you can ensure that the quality of the fabrics and the fibers persevere, and you can enjoy the softness and luxuriousness of SaaSoh products for a longer time.

Bed linen should ideally be replaced entirely after two years. If you use lots of hair care products, pillowcases should be replaced within a year so that you can enjoy a comfortable sleep.