Pick The Right Towel For Your Summer Beach Party

Pick The Right Towel For Your Summer Beach Party

Jun 19 , 2020

SaaSohInc Admin

Nobody wants to miss a trip to the beach where he or she could relax and rejuvenate themselves and enjoy swimming with his or her loved ones. While there are many things you might have to carry with you when going for a beach trip on a pleasant summer day like food, swim wears, sunscreen cream, etc., beach towels are also an essential part of that list. After all, without them how will you dry and clean yourself up. There are many types of beach towels, and you must pick the right one.

How to pick a right beach towel?

Keep your height in mind

Before buying a towel, know what your height is. This is important as towels are available in various sizes and you would not like to purchase something too short or too large for your body. That will be very uncomfortable, especially if you want to wrap yourself in the towel.

Pick your favorite color

What kind of colors would you prefer for your beach towel? Do you like bright colored, light colored, or dark colored towels? What type of design you want on your towels, whether you want plain towels, or towels with your favorite tv or movie character, animals, or cartoon character, etc.? By considering these questions, you will be able to find the towel you are looking for.

Check the price

It is a very important factor. See how much you can or are willing to spend on buying a beach towel. Some people do not think much about what kind of towel they are buying, and they pick the cheaper ones. However, that is the wrong approach. When you are buying a beach towel, along with the price also consider the quality of the towel. It doesn’t mean you would have to spend too much. You can find some excellent towels with great fabric at some very reasonable prices. Whatever you buy, never compromise with your comfort.

Check the water absorbing capacity

When you go to a beach, there are high chances that you will also get wet. Now a towel has to make you dry and absorb all the water from your body. So when buying a new beach towel, see if it can absorb water and dry reasonably quickly. Your towel must be able to soak all the water from your body after you have spent some time having fun in the water. Also, it must dry quickly in case you want to lie down in the sand and use the towels as your cushion. Soft and fluffy fabrics will do a great job.

Will it look cool at a beach party?

It might sound a little vain, but hey, it’s a beach party. If you are going to a beach party with your friends, you might want to look cool, and the most cooling beach towel can be your starting statement. A beach towel must look like it belongs to a beach party and not your bathroom at your home. For summer beach parties, you can go for bright colors, look cool, or at least at home on a beach. Try avoiding dark colors like black or gray as it might seem like you have come equipped for a winter party, and they will also be very uncomfortable for a summer day.

In the end, whatever you buy, you must be comfortable with it as it is you who would be the one using it. A towel in the wrong size, or wrong color, or wrong fabric can spoil your fun. Visit SaaSoh where you will find the best beach towel collection and enjoy choosing your next beach towel.